“Fake people have an image to maintain, real people just don’t care”

Last night while I was going through the recent posts from my friends on “Instagram” I came across a picture that said “Fake People have an image to maintain, Real People just don’t care.” As I read this caption I immediately thought of how I am always concerned about my “Image”, but at the same time I have never been “fake” to people, or I never “faked” myself. Then I thought if I am not “fake” I am “Real”, but being real has never made me couldn’t careless, I always cared and thought before I did something, I cared before I said something. As real as I am I still think before I say, I still think before I act, I think of being careful so I don’t end up hurting someone with my words or actions. Also, I think before doing anything so I don’t end up giving a negative “image” of mine to others, again I am no being fake but trying to not present myself as someone who I am not as a whole.

I think the right word to describe the kind that don’t care would be “Ignorant”, it is not them being real, but being ignorant. For example; If I say or do something knowing it will hurt someone’s feelings or hurt them in anyway, I am not being real I am being “ignorant”, ignorant of understanding how they would feel, or how it will effect them. Some people these days, to justify their careless acts use the rhetoric “I am just being REAL”, this is not being real it is being ignorant. This, misuse of the word “real” is one reason why “ignorance” is increasing widely in people.

If I was fake I will not care about my image, If am real I will always care!